Electricity North West Limited

Arrow Energy Limited (AEL) have were appointed to undertake a thermal and energy model of the Electricity North West Limited premises at Whitebirk Drive, Whitebirk. A scheme of improvements works is proposed at the site, and the report developed shall aid the process of selecting, designing and specifying measures to help improve thermal comfort, reduce energy demand and reduce CO2 emissions. This comes in response to the ‘Optioneering brief’ for the site, which requires the following to be achieved as part of the refurbishment works:

  •  Achieve a minimum ambient temperature of 16°C within the Garage Vehicle Working Area.

  •  Improved heating in the associated rooms within the building.

  •  Reduce heating costs.

  •  Reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

There are a number of analyses which have been undertaken which include these variants, these being;

  • An ‘as-existing’ model. This shall attempt to simulate the existing building’s behavior and offer a benchmark level of performance.

  • A ‘demand reduction’ led improvement option, adopting improved levels of insulation and airtightness to help achieve the optioning brief.

  • A ‘low carbon heating plant’ led improvement option, adopting the use of a wood pellet boiler to help achieve the optioning brief.

  • A ‘demand reduction + plus additional heating plant capacity’ option, in the event that reductions in heating loads alone are insufficient to achieve the thermal comfort targets set.

  • A reduction in heating area and localised radiant heating.

For each model variant, the following parameters were assessed:

  • Minimum air temperatures.

  • Heating system peaks loads and annual energy demand.

  • Heating system costs.

  • Resultant greenhouse gas emissions from the building.

  • Cost benefit evaluation

  • Risk Summary