Arrow awarded contract for Electricity North West Limited

We were appointed to undertake an energy and CO2 emissions study of the Electricity North West Ltd depot at Whitebirk, near Blackburn. The building dates back to the 1950’s and principally comprises a large workshop/garage space. To the north of the building there are several single storey flat roofed offices and ancillary spaces. The building is thermally uncomfortable and incurs high space heating costs, being heated via an oil-fired space heater in the workshops and various fixed and portable electric resistance heaters in other conditioned spaces.

A design brief was set to:

Achieve a minimum ambient temperature of 16°C within the garage vehicle working area and improve heating in the associated rooms within the building.

  •  Reduce heating costs.

  • Reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

Interventions should be assessed against the following criteria:

  •  Energy saving potential.

  •  Cost of implementation and maintenance.

  •  Associated risks.

Arrows role in this task was to help develop viable solutions and assess the performance of these solutions in terms of thermal, energy and CO2 emissions performance.

Alistair Fletcher