project management

We believe our project management approach should be clear and supportive to the client. The Project Manager (PM) has a responsibility for delivering the contract on time and within budget to the satisfaction of the client. The key objective is to implement and monitor the following:

  • All programmes and targets

  • Health, safety and environmental policy

  • The site-specific waste management plan

The PM shall continuously overview and liaise with the contract Quantity Surveyor (QS) to monitor and agree any changes to the agreed contract implementation and installation.

The PM will also make sure that regular meetings are carried out to cover daily workload and key project stages.  These should include risk issues with all interested parties (including the client) to assess and identify contract site risks to quality of service and consider any control measures that may need to be put in place.  Vehicle movement should also be monitored to make sure risk to site personal is minimised. 

Through Project Management support all training records will be up to date and adequate for the work being carried out. The PM ensures compliance with the specification, drawings and the project documentation and project management plan on an ongoing basis, recording any issues.

When the project is complete, all documentation, health and safety, survey reports, accident or incident records should be filed and made available. A project review meeting is also a key element to improve processes and learnings moving into the next project.

The Arrow team boasts 20 years’ experience in Project Management.  We take pride in supporting our clients from feasibility to design, through to project management and handover, keeping the delivery aligned to our client’s expectations.